What are the files for?
The files are for a deeper scratch to determine if solid gold or silver, the test stone only determines if plated, bonded, dipped or filled, gold or silver.

Can you test for 24K
Yes!  If your 22k acid does not dissolve your test scratch, it is higher than 22k and thats why there is no need for a 24k solution. It is by process of elimination that you test your gold.

Can you test for 8k & 9k?
Yes! When testing for 8 & 9 karat, use your 10K solution on your test scratch stone. If the residue leaves a slight copper color, it is in the 8K to 9K gold content. No file test is needed when testing for 8k-9k. Simply make your test scratch onto the test stone.

What is your return policy?
Please return within 14 days from time you receive your item and I will refund your purchase.

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